SELECT DA (Double Attached) - Porchview County

Designed for RENTERS seeking for AFFORDABLE but complete FIRST HOMES and a property they can call their own. LIVING WITH PARENTS seeking for own space and greater independence in usage/design of home.

DISCLAIMER: Furnitures, accessories and cars illustrated are for study purposes only.

Bare Type Select DA
Floor Area / Lot Area 34sqm / 50sqm
Total Package Price 1,203,000.00
10% Downpayment 120,300.00
Reservation Fee 10,000.00
Net Downpayment 110,300.00
Monthly DP - 9 months 12,255.56
Loanable Amount 1,082,700.00
Monthly Amortization 15 yrs (Bank) 11,968.15
Required Income 50,000.00

FLOOR PLANS: Select DA (Double Attached) | Select SA (Single Attached) | Primary SA