PRIMARY SA (Single Attached) - Porchview County

Designed for MOVE UP HOME BUYERS seeking for BETTER and BIGGER property with more space for everyone to move comfortably MOVE DOWN HOME BUYERS seeking for EASIER TO MAINTAIN property for a more CONVENIENT lifestyle.

DISCLAIMER: Furnitures, accessories and cars illustrated are for study purposes only.

Bare Type Primary SA
Floor Area / Lot Area 40sqm / 90sqm
Total Package Price 1,791,000.00
10% Downpayment 179,100.00
Reservation Fee 10,000.00
Net Downpayment 169,100.00
Monthly DP - 9 months 18,788.89
Loanable Amount 1,432,800.00
Monthly Amortization 15 yrs (Bank) 15,838.16
Required Income 50,000.00

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