Jerusaland Realty was born in the early months of 1990 after the now company president, Mr. Adriano S. Pantino, thought of having a real estate company that will make a difference in the industry. Jerusaland was coined from Jerusalem, the name of the city of our great King: Jesus Christ. It is also fitting in the industry we are in, in the future, the new Jerusalem will represent the only and the primest real estate what with its streets of gold, pollution-free environment, and houses not just of ordinary size but mansions! Not to mention having the Almighty as our foremost neighbor!

It is our company's primary mission to exist as a company that is glorifying to God by offering quality subdivisions and quality services (honest and customer-responsive) to everyone. Another purpose for which we exist is to be able to help our community and country, as a whole, by providing jobs, move goods and pay our taxes properly.


To earn an honest income out of an honest work of service that satisfies buyers. Our work shall be strictly guided by highest ethical standards of fairness, honesty, responsibility, and commitment. As such we shall offer to the public only properties that are developed by reputable developers.

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